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About the Assoc. Publishers

Discover the joy of advertising with us! We make it easy!

If you are interested in advertising...We offer several options. You may choose single issue, 3 month contract or one year (13 issues) written contract. Each is a different price. Our magazine is published every 4 weeks, 13 issues per year. We are an all color, full size magazine with fantastic distribution. We look forward to serving you in your advertising needs. We believe in consistency and "Personal Branding" in advertising. We will assist you with graphic design, photography and marketing your individual talents to the fullest extent. Our design staff is ready to assist you in putting together a dynamic ad that will get the results you are looking for! Our professional photographer will take the time to photograph your property at the correct time for correct lighting and accurate detail. Cynthia will answer your phone calls personally. We will design an ad for you with the sophistication this area of South Florida dictates. Michael will make sure that your clients and you are both pleased with your photographs. Michael personally oversees all distribution. Both Associate Publishers are personally involved in every facet of operation of the magazine. Our goal is to present your properties or services in the most beautiful and tasteful way that we can at a fair price. Call us! You'll be glad you did!